Examination paper for Immigrants
1What language is spoken by Frenchman?
2Give the importance of the Ancient Babylonian Empire with particular attention to the architecture and literature OR Give the first names of the BEATLES?
3What Religion is the Pope? Jewish/Catholic/Hindu or Anglican. Underline ONE only.
4Would you ask William Shakespeare to: Build a bridge/ Lead an Army/ Sail the Ocean/ WRITE A PLAY. Underline ONE only.
5What metal is SILVER dollar made of.
6What time is it when the big hand is on the TWELVE and the little hand is one the ONE?
7Approximately how many Commandments was Moses given?
9What country is the Quen of England queen of?
10What are the people living in the North of England called? Easteners/ Southerners/Westeners/NORTHENERS
11Six Kings of England have been called George. The last was George the 6th. What were the other five called?
12Who won World War II and who came second?
13Where does rain come from ? Supermarkets/USA/A big fountain/ THE SKY?
14Who Invented STEPHENSONS Rocket? Winston Churchill/Eamon Andrews/STEPHENSON. Underline ONE only
15Can you explain Einsteins Theory of Relativity? YES/NO
16What is Coat-Hanger?
17Who is buried in GRANTS tomb?
18What time is the NEWS at TEN on?
19Where is the basement of a three story building?
20Expalin Le Chatlier's principle of dynamic equilibrium forces OR write down you name in Block letters.