2 Rabbits
Two rabbits walk into a pub and enquire if the landlord sells food. 'We do' he replies, 'but only toasties'. The starving hungry rabbits go for it. '2 cheese and tomato toasties please'. The bartender serves the toasties, the rabbits scoff them down and go back to the office.
Next day, same two rabbits, just as hungry. Rabbit 1 orders another cheese and tomato toastie. Rabbit 2 varies it up and goes for the tuna melt. They wolf them down and go back to the office, satisfied....
The next afternoon, the same two rabbits come into the pub for some more toasties. 'Can't get enough of them' they say. Rabbit 1 sticks with his favourite, the cheese and tomato. Rabbit 2, feeling adventurous, plumps for the chicken and bacon. Hungry as ever, they polish them off quickly and go back to work, licking their paws as they go.
The following afternoon, the landlord spots rabbit 1 sitting in the corner, a little sullen. 'I hope you don't mind me asking' he says 'but where is your mate? the other rabbit?'. 'Oh', says rabbit 1, 'unfortunately he died last night.' 'Terrible news, I'm sorry to hear that' retorts the barman. 'Can I ask what he died from?'
Rabbit 1 looks up and says 'Mixamatoasties'.