Lens photos, blog and diary
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I have created this page to allow friends and family, who are spread over various continents of the world to see what I have been up to. Whilst emails and texts have replaced letter writing not everyone has these facilities available to them and as I enjoy my photography it is a great way to let everyone see what I am up to.

The six icons represent the main photographic interests of my life:

    General Photography
      Since I have retired I have transferred many of my clients work here and this now becomes a photographic record of my activities.
    Gatley Festival
      I have always enjoyed this festival and only missed last year (2011) due to a previous engagement.
    Studio Work
      This area of my interest is sporadic as it is mainly a winter activity.
      Lens Travel Blog.
    Diary of Interest
      This is not a list of all the activities I go to but more of what I am interested in.