Bejam Bulk Buying
Bejam was a market leader in these days for frozen food and was expanding rapidly. I joined when it was about 5 years old and had 100 UK stores. It was also involved with research in cooking frozen food and the use of microwave ovens. Bejam had plants in Bishops Stortford, London (HQ), Aberdeen (Aberdeen Beef Packers), , and was planning a Freezer Storeage Depot in Milton Keynes.

Bejam was a family run company and the initials of the Directors made up the name - Brian, Edward, John and Mary. Whilst I was employed I was to see the company grow large enough to be quoted on the Stock Exchange.

Daily Routine
There were 2 shifts - a full time shift 08:00 to 17:00 and a part time night shift. 18:00 to 22:00.
Summary of Work

Honeypot Lane - LONDON
Primary Task
As Assistant Production Manager I was on a 2 week cycle - Days & Nights. I had to plan the production in the Frozen Meat Butchery according to the requirements of the needs of the High Street Stores and our own Bulk Frozen Storeage.

  • To open and close the premises at the beginning of the day or at the end of the last shift.
  • I had to interview all candidates for the Production line and select the successful candidates.
  • Ensure hours worked was correct and to ensure the wages were paid.
  • Resolve any Production / Personnel disputes and problems.
  • I was to keep accurate records to establish how much wasteage there was due to the Bandsaws.
  • I was to go to the local Butchers shops and conduct market research - see what there prices were.
  • Ensure that end of each shift that the production lines and equipment were cleaned correctly.
  • Ensure the regular Bacteriological plate counts done and to check results
  • Analytical checks on Mince andother processed foods carried out.
  • Ensure Hygene procedures were met and maintained during the day.
  • To monitor and Maintain Health & Safety Standards.
  • To ensure correct packaging and labelling of all products.
Aberdeen Beef Packers - DYCE
Primary Task
On Promotion to Production Manager I was responsible for opening and training the staff in the new Premises. At first I was travelling from London to Aberdeen but later had to move to Aberdeen when the staff were employed. I was responsible for the Frozen Meat Production Lines, Fresh Meat Butchery and Chiller Store.


  • Similar to those above.
  • To calculate the carcuss to boned out weights to calculate the efficiency & profitability of the plant.
    • Weight of Purchase and Cost per lb
    • Weight of Sales
    • Expenses
    • Yields ((gross weight x Cost)/net weight)
    • Residuals (ie Bone & Fat)
    • Calculate Produced meat net cost per lb
    • Calculate Invoice price and therefore PROFIT
  • Daily Costings for both Butchery and Frozen Units.
  • Ensure Butchery Cutting Tolerances are adhered to.
  • Keep track of stock held in local Bulk Freezer Warehouses.
  • Monthly stock checks.
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