Texaco North Sea UK Company
Texaco North Sea UK Co started drilling in the late 60's initially with the Sea Quest, which later went on to discover BP's Forties Field.
Daily Routine
09:00 Start
09:00 to 12:00 Dockers shift if required
13:00 Lunch
14:00 to 17:00 Dockers shift if required
17:00 Finish
Summary of Work
Primary Task
To ensure that there were always sufficient supplies in the Warehouse and Pipe yards to supply the Exploration Rigs under contract to Texaco. This also included any fabfication that was required such as Welding of Float Shoes onto casing.


  • Keep Stock records of the Warehouse and Pipeyards.
  • Ensure bonded items were secure at all tmes and carry out inspections with Customs Officers,
  • Carry out monthly stock checks and resolve discrepencies with the London Office.
  • Forward Planning and place orders to maintain stocks of equipment as required by the Rigs on their drilling program.
  • Arrange for the Casing to be correctly prepared and arrange to have floatation shoes fitted when required.
  • Use Blanket Orders to call off purchases of mud etc as required and ensure keyside facilities were ready to load the Supply Vessels.
  • Ensure the Work crews prepared casing for the trucks.
  • Ensure all equipment was loaded from the warehouses on to trucks.
  • Submit the correct paper work for the manifests to be prepared to ensure dockside crew loaded all equipment on the Supply Boats.
  • Prepare the paper work for the Light Dues and Harbour dues to Harbour Board.
  • Ensure the Supply Boats were always correctly bunkered with fuel oil, Potable water and water.
  • Prepare customs papers for continental shelf use for both import and export.
Permanent Rigs - Sedneth 701 & Zephyr 1
Temporary Rigs - Pentagone 82 & Seco 703
Permanent Supply Vessels - Arctic Seahorse, North Seahorse
Temporary Supply Vessels - As and when required.
Block No of Wells Drilled
3/4 3 Wells
14/20 8 Wells
15/16 7 Wells
15/23 2 Wells
Texaco NS 1 Texaco NS 2 Texaco NS 3 Texaco NS 4
Texaco NS 5 Texaco NS 6 Texaco NS 7 Texaco NS 8
Texaco NS 9 Texaco NS 10 Texaco NS 11 Texaco NS 12
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