Comex Diving
Daily Routine
09:00 start
13:00 Lunch
17:00 Finish
Summary of Work
Primary Task
To ensure sufficient supplies of Diving gases were available for the Diving Operations under the control of the Aberdeen Office.


  • Arrange gas contract with suppliers - Air Products, Gas & Equipment and Gardner Cryogenics.
    • Oxygen 20,000 cubic meters valued at 30 per 100 cubic meters
    • Helium 80,000 cubic meters valued at 260 per 100 cubic meters
    • Mixes 50,000 cubic meters
    • Rental of gas units 70 per 100 cubic meters regardless of size (Pack, Superpacks,Quad, Iso or Modules) payable after 2 months if not returned.
  • Site checks on suppliers (Aberdeen, Bargeddie, Crewe and Bracknell) to ensure standards were met.
  • Check with Project Managers for gas requirements.
  • Purchase Gas as required.
  • Liaise with Oil Company to establish loading times and pass to Gas Supply company to ensure loading.
  • Carry out pressure checks quayside as well as quality checks where possible.
  • Be quayside to supervise dock labour quayside and to ensure the units were loaded onto the Supply Boats to allow accurate records to be kept.
  • Go Offshore to carry out stock checks of the quads as rigs dumped units overboard in emergencies.
  • Ensure Collection of returned units from Oil companies Supply yards if not collected quayside.
  • Make out damage reports where required.
  • Monthly reconciliation of gas units offshore, in transit and in stock yards
  • Responsible for Gas activities in Peterhead, Aberdeen, Leith, Newcastle and Falmouth dock side
  • Responsible for Gas operations in Norway (Aladdin), Eire (Pentagone 82), South Afirca (Sea Quest) as well as variuos North Sea Diving Contracts.
  • Department consisted of a staff of 8 responsible - for Gas Supplies (1), Customs (2), Transportation (1) and Yard staff (4).
  • Liaise with Project Managers - Fancoise Gerez - Serge Geraud - Alan Redford - John Griffiths .
  • Regular Meeting with MD - Jean Pierre Gres.
  • Re supply of equipment to overseas contracts
  • Transport Manager and O license Operator
  • Weekly Truck from Marseille
Diving Operations
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