Mail Marketing (Bristol) Ltd
This was a small family run Business offering a full service Direct Mail service. MM were able to obtain Lists, Print, Computerise, Enclose and Fulfill both mechanically as well as calling on Hand help for the more complicated jobs.
Daily Routine
09:00 Start
13:00 Lunch
17:00 finish
more often than not around midnight
Summary of Work
Primary Task
To Plan the daily work load of all sections of the Computer Department. To ensure that all work was invoiced and clients chased for outstanding monies. To assist in amending core programs, screen layouts and facilitate in the smooth runnng of the Dapartment.


  • Plan the work load for the Operators and Programmers.
  • Liase with the Supervisors for the Data Prep and Bureaux Sections.
  • Write Screen Layouts, printer layouts for the work.
  • Operate the ROCC Computers model R850 Data Entry System.
  • Amend Programs to amend different selections for clients.
  • Purchase all the Computer Consumables.
  • Attend weekly Planning meetings.
  • Liaise with Production Managers as to completion of jobs.
  • Liase with Clients.
  • Ensure all work Invoiced and money recovered.
  • Monthly Work in Progress and Stock checks.
  • Manual Systems Analysis.
  • Hardware procurement.
  • Software Procurement and evaluation.
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