Texaco Tartan Alpha Project
Having discovered a reasonable amount of Oil in Block 15/16 some years earlier Texaco set about planning the Production Stage. The initial phase was to get the jacket built (at Den Helder) and then towed to location. The second phase was to commission the platform - which is where I came in. This would mean that the 8 prefabricated modules would be lifted into place and then fitted together to create on unit. The derrick was to be enclosed, which was the first in the North Sea. Finally to get the production platform on line with oil flowing via the Piper field.
Daily Routine
09:00 Start
13:00 Lunch
17:00 Finish
Weekly Offshore Status meeting
Summary of Work
Primary Task
To ensure that the materials required for the commissioning stage of the Alpha Project were expeditied according to the Project specification and ensure all concerned were kept informed. I was also expected to attend the Weekly offshore meetings.


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E & O E - please note that this is written some 20 years after the event.
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