Mail Marketing Group
During the 10 year period I was at Mail Marketing I progressed through the company learning and being taught new skills. These were being built on the foundation of those I had learnt in previous jobs. Since each step was building on the last it was difficult to summarise but suffice it to say it was enjoyable and challenging.
Daily Routine
Although there was a lot of overtime it was as a result of choice or required to ensure the clients work was completed on time. Generally the hours were 8am to 5:15pm each day with an hour for lunch.
Summary of Work
Since I had various jobs within the company I will split the information up by responsibility.

1988 - 1990 Computer Admin Manager
1986 - 1988 Special Projects Manager
1984 - 1986 Production Manager
1982 - 1984 Warehouse Manager
1980 - 1982 Admin Control Manager

1988 - 1990 Computer Admin Manager
Primary Task
Responsible for all the different aspects of a competitive full service computer department and from Data Capture of clients Data, Digitise the signature, create the letter or form, output via line printer or laser stationery (cut sheet or roll fed with either hot or cold laser technology). We could also output to magnetic tape in various formats but mainly EBCDIC.
The department was made up of
20 Data Prep Staff with a rSupervisor,
3 Operators,
2 Form Production Staff,
4 Programmers,
6 Xerox Laser staff with a Shift Supervisor,
2 Operators for the Rollfed Laser
and 1 Admin Staff.

The Department had A Redifon 1850 Key to Data Entry system with a Perkin Elmer 3200 super mini for the processing. Later the Laser Printing would be split out to form a new Company housed elswhere and expanded to 4 flat sheet laser printers and 2 cold set roll feed lasers.

  • To set up a schedule for the departments work.
  • Liase with Clients and our Account Managers.
  • Ensure the Digitised Signatures were correctly done along with the forms on the Archetype system.
  • Ensure the paper is correctly cured for the Xerox 4500 & 9700 flat sheet printers (output of 100,000 sheets per 24 Hours).
  • Ensure that the FOB's & FDL's were correct for the Xerox Printer.
  • Ensure all Reports filed and set up a register to record FGN and brief details of the report.
  • Purchase all consumables ie labels, paper, stationery, tapes, disks and ribbons. Keep records for useage analysis
  • Write Macros in Lotus for the Purchasing of Materials.
  • Write Macros for clients, which included a label writing macro eliminating blank lines.
  • Write DB3 programs for test files and samples for clients material for approval prior to the main printing.
  • Ensure all Work was invoiced.
  • Assist in writing the Specification for the Centralised Computer System.
  • Work closely with Rank Xeros to assist in the Development of their Manhatten Project. Or which MM would place the order on the day I left.
  • Run a separate company - Data Wessex Registers along with Sue Turle.
    • Prepare and design forms
    • Convert Data
    • Get the forms preprinted on stationery
    • Line print the data
    • Data Capture response and provide tape to clients
    • Arrange door to door visite where required.
    • Liaise with clients at all stagesand meetings at their premises.
  • Get involved with Special Projects
  • Do Work in Progress reports and Contingent Liabilites for non Invoiced Goods.
  • Maintain Departments PC's
  • Not forgetting the Daily adminstration of the Department -overtime, promotions, salary increases etc.
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1986 - 1988 Special Projects Manager
Primary Task
These were varied with several key Tasks.
  • Government Flotations Team
  • Senior Account Executive
  • Project Planning
  • Software Implementation & Systems


As the Government announced Privatisation of various Public Companies when we had won the contract for the Data Capture of all enquiries from whatever media we had to arrange the bureaux facilites, the finishing facilities, enclosing of packs and subsequent posting. Since I had computer and lettershop experience I was involved in the initial controls and visiting of the service companies to ensure standards were maintained.

Senior Account Executive

  • I was responsible for the top 10 Accounts for the company. Amongst these were Consumers Association, Book Club Associates, Bradford Exchange, Mercantile Credit, The Royal Mint, Cornhill, Provident, Reinsurers Marketing and Inmac.
  • Project planning of Mail shots with clients using Pertmaster. Prepare Charts, reports and diagrams.
  • Project co-ordination with CDL Account Managers, Production Management and staff.
  • Meetings with our clients Agencies.
  • Advising Mail Marketing Managers with work instructions and specifications of the Mailings
  • Reporting to Clients of the daily or weekly status of each project.
  • Reporting to the General Manager and MD each week.
  • Attend weekly Production meetings.
  • Give lectures on behalf or the DMPA courses at London University and Bristol Poly.

Project Planning

  • To set up a manual Scheduling Section for the Production Department.
  • Monitor all new jobs and set up a schedule.
  • Collect Daily Data and see if on the data conforms to the schedule.
  • Work out variables, problems and formula for schedule.
  • At the end of the year to see how accurate and how easily it it to computerise the schedule.
  • Assist specification of the programs for the Production Department for a Centralised Computerisation System including the Warehouse.

Software Implementation

  • Select Software
    • Symphony ver 1.2
    • Addons such as Sideways
    • Wordstar ver4
  • Learn to use it.
  • Train staff.
  • Provide Support
  • Extend software to provide a solution for the users.
    • Including Mail Merge
    • Boiler plate paragraphs
    • Invoicing systems
    • Statistical anlysis and graphs to visualise this.
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1984 - 1986 Production Manager
Primary Task
To ensure the smoothe running of the Lettershop. To Liase with the Account Managers on all aspects of Production and in the case of the larger Clients liaise directly.
  • I had a team of Managers below me to look after the various departments (Production, Home Production, Mechanical Finishing, Warehouse and Maintenance).
  • Production planning with Managers as required.
  • Responsible for Checking Overtime records and clock cards of all Staff and the Managers Book.
    • Resolve Personnel Conflicts.
    • Take on and Dismiss staff as and when necessary
    • Approve and recommend pay awards.
    • Promote staff.
    • Attend Disciplinary hearings.
    • Monitor staff sickness and take action where appropriate.
  • Petty Cash for Princess Street.
  • Arrange for 3rd Party services such as folding in busy periods.
  • Meet with Clients which include daily reports to clients on the larger mailings.
  • Responsible for security arrangements, fire precautions and arrange for Fire training. Liase with the Fire Department especially in view of all the paper we were surrounded by.
  • Ensure we conform to Health and Safety Act which included inspections from the Government H & S officres
  • Ensure all the waste was collected and not stored to become a safety problem (wooden Pallets and Paper).
  • Responsible for Purchase Orders and Invoices for suppliers of goods and services.
  • Visit suppliers to ensure standards are maintained.
  • Able to set up Bowe guillotines, folders and Philipsberg Inserting Machines.
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1982 - 1984 Warehouse Manager
Primary Task
I had a staff of 8 which aslo included working shifts. To ensure that the material was taken to the Production units in a timely manner.
  1. Write the Training Manual and train staff on the companies fork lifts.
  2. Design and implement a recording system for deliveries and withdrawals from the warehouse.
  3. Arrange for outside warehousing in busy times.
  4. Liase with the Production Manageress and Home Production Manageress regarding requirements. This would include
    • Computer stationery to the Mechanical Guillotines (Bowe)
    • Material to the Folding machines
    • Inserts to the Philipsberg Inserting machines.
    • Materials supplied for the Homeworkers
  5. Work out the shifts and approve the required overtime.
  6. Load and unload Vehicles as required.
  7. Key holder for both Princess Street and Queens Square premises .
  8. Quality Control of pre-printed computer stationery to ensure it was correct before it was finished.
  9. QC inserts to ensure media and product codes were as the Mailing Plan.
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1980 - 1982 Admin Control Manager
Primary Task
As Manager of a staff of 4 I had to ensure that all the work was allocated and all paperwork was filed, ensure the reports were done on time and liase with the Financial Director. I was also tasked to look at each department to ensure that all the work they did was invoiced.
Job Bags
As each job was started it was to create a job bag so that everything was placed inside this bag from the Enquiry to the work carried out by each department and finally the invoice.
  • this would become important to job costings
  • it built up a history of work as well as problems encountered
  • repeat work we could check the costs.
  • WIP - Work in Progress was done at the end of every 2 months.
  • any specialised work for a client from outside suppliers
  • also copies of purchase orders and Inter Departmental Cost Transfers were to be found here.
  • attend Production meetings to advise of problems encountered.
  • help prepare bi-monthly Management Accounts.
  • estimate cost of jobs
  • raise sales invoices for all departments except Printing.
This was the hub of the company as every piece of paper refering to production passed through here and was stored here since the company began.
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E & O E - please note that this is written some 20 years after the event.
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