Mainstream Limited
I was coaxed away from Mail Marketing to use my Organisational and Project Management Skills with the intention of running the office to look after the tele-sales operation, customer services,
Daily Routine
Since we had 2 offices I was to spend the morning at the Mill and the afternoon at The Manor
Summary of Work
Primary Task
To use a develop the Marketing Strategy to increase sales. Take control of the telesales operation and develop procedures and improve the efficiency of the office. I quickly came to the conclusion that the Company needed to be re-organised with a Parent Holdings company with each Director having a subsiduary company to protect all concerned but jealosy split the company before it was introduced.

Mainstream (Holdings) LtdParent Company
Mainstream Computers LtdIBM dealership & Sage Programming.
Mainstream Consumeables LtdSupplies to its own client base
Mainstream Services LtdTo provide secretarial and office services to its own client base.
Mainstream Maintenance LtdTo provide maintenance to our clients as well as build Computers to order.


  • Commercial Director
    • Attend monthly meetings
      • Prepare reports for the monthly meetings.
      • Answer questions regarding the months activities
    • Office Admin
      • Hire staff.
      • Carry out appraisals for staff under my control.
      • Supervise staff.
      • Write Procedures and Training Manuals.
      • Ensure paper audit trail was accurate orderwere charged out correctly.
      • Place orders to suppliers and direct deliveries from suppliers was met.
    • Marketing
      • Design and book space for Newspaper adverts.
      • Arrange for Radio Jingles created and air time booked.
      • Monitor response codes to increase efficiency of campaigns.
    • Telesales
      • Supervise staff.
      • To ensure all calls answered.
      • To set sales targets and monitor staff performance.
    • Warehousing
      • Supervise staff.
      • Ensure all orders were packed.
      • Ensure courier collections and deliveries were on time.
      • Check daily reports from warehouse staff.
    • Customer Services
      • Visit Clients.
      • Phone clients to ensure service levels are being met.
E & O E - please note that this is written some 10 years after the event.
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