Worktwice Limited
With the change of fortune at Mainstream a new company was set up to continue what would have been the Consumables supply company.
Daily Routine
09:00 Start
13:00 Lunch
17:00 finish
more often than not much later.
Summary of Work
Primary Task
To use a develop the Marketing Strategy to increase sales. Take control of the telesales operation and develop procedures and improve the efficiency of the office. Later, by 1998, I was becoming less active with Mainstream as my involvement with my own company Collingwood Enterprises UK & CDL were growing.
  • Commercial Director
    • Attend monthly meetings
      • Prepare reports for the monthly meetings.
      • Answer questions regarding the months activities
    • Office Admin
      • Hire staff.
      • Carry out appraisals for staff under my control.
      • Supervise staff.
      • Write Procedures and Training Manuals.
      • Ensure paper audit trail was accurate orderwere charged out correctly.
      • Place orders to suppliers and direct deliveries from suppliers was met.
    • Marketing
      • Design and book space for Newspaper adverts.
      • Arrange for Radio Jingles created and air time booked.
      • Monitor response codes to increase efficiency of campaigns.
    • Telesales
      • Supervise staff.
      • To ensure all calls answered.
      • To set sales targets and monitor staff performance.
    • Warehousing
      • Supervise staff.
      • Ensure all orders were packed.
      • Ensure courier collections and deliveries were on time.
      • Check daily reports from warehouse staff.
    • Customer Services
      • Visit Clients.
      • Phone clients to ensure service levels are being met.
E & O E - please note that this is written some 10 years after the event.
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