Curent Hobbies and Interests
Photography I enjoy photographing anything that moves fast (Planes, Boats, Cars, Bikes and Steam Trains) Wildlife and during the winter months shooting in the studio. I have worked for the Police, British Airways and several Oil Companies as well as some Agencies. Some of my photos grace the board rooms of Oil Companies in the UK. I have had photos published in various Magazines and Papers.
TravellingI have visited most European countries Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Eire, France, Germany (East & West), Greece, Holland, Iceland, Italy, Isle of Man, Lithunia, Malta, Norway, former Yugoslavia, Spain, as well as other countries such as Zaire, South Africa, Hong Kong, Egypt and the Philippines. With all the photos I have taken here a just a few.
ArcheryI am a member of Bowmen of Lyme archery club and so far I have gained my Third Class Badge
Past Hobbies
Sub Aqua DivingWhere I was Diving Officer in Aberdeen during the mid 70's. I was one of the founder members of the Advanced Diving group. The aim was to allow experienced divers to dive with equally qualified divers in more dangerous places than the beach or swimming pool. The first was under the Conel Bridge. There were plans to dive the whirpool at Corrievrechan, but I had left Aberdeen by then.
ParachutingI have many jumps to my credit but never from 12,000 feet - a dream that will remain unfufilled. I have packed parachutes both for myself and others to help pay for the costs. I did all my training at Shobdon - just west of Leominster - and knew most of the display team killed in the helicopter accident in the late 80's - in Germany.
Pen FriendsI enjoy meeting people from other countries. I have had penfriends in Poland, Lithuania, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, China, USA, Philippines, Columbia and Peru.
Motor RacingI enjoy Formula 1 racing and regularly go to the UK GP at Silverstone although after the fiasco of 2000 and the escalating costs I will probably not go for the week as I used to do but watch the TV coverage.
Survival TrainingAfter my first weekend I was hooked on this and worked my way throught the different stages to become an instructor. Look at the site for the Survival school which is run by Bob Bull. There are more photos at this site.
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