South Africa
I must admit that I do not really remember these incidents but my mother took great delight in telling all my friends for as long as I could remember. When I acquired Max, my Light Phase Burmese Python it fed right into her lap to remind everyone I had always been fascinated by snakes.
Snakes and Puppies
As far as I can remember we, the family were sent out to South Africa as we could not join my father in Egypt. My mother and the 3 children left Southampton on the Windsor Castle bound for Cape Town/ Durban and returned on the Edinburgh Castle. Apparently I was adventurous and on more than one occasion gave my Mother cause for concern. To a 5 year old the liner must have been a place for exploration and hide and seek. On one occasion I had climbed up the life floats and fallen asleep.
Where we stayed in South Africa I can only assume that it was at my maternal Grandparents in Bloemfontain but I could not swear to it. However, my Mother said the house was on the side on slope and that at the bottom of the road there were storm drains and woodland/forest. It appears that I used to love playing in the storm drain/woodland bringing snakes back to the house. My Mother, so the story goes, would make me undress on the veranda down to my birthday suit before allowing me into the house. Later she would prod and probe the clothes ensuring there were no reptiles in the pockets etc. My Mother never explained why I was never bitten or how many snakes I actually brought back to the house.
On another occasion, my Uncle who bred German Shepherd dogs, and being to young I did not realise the responsibility and had managed to acquire one of the puppies, again my mother never explained how I cam to be in possession, but I was so attached to the puppy that I carried the puppy around everywhere all day. When I was persuaded to return the puppy back to the mother at the end of the day it was found that I had cuddled it to death so I was banned from picking up the other puppies.
E & O E - please note that this is written many years after the event.
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