Having arrived in Egypt via South Africa and a short stay in the UK the family was again reunited at RAF Kabrit, on the Great Bitter Lake near the Suez Canal. The journey was arduous having boarded the Avro York at Croydon Airport and as you might know that in those days the trip to Cairo was a 2 day affair spending over night in Malta. As the cabin was not pressurised the flight was low and over the alps the turbulent.

Again the anecdote is what I remember but again is it real or implied as a result of hearing my parents talking.

Swimming sawmills and the Desert
Well for the first time in my life I was having to face school which started early in the morning broke up for lunch and resumed later in the day when it was cooler. This allowed an young adventurous little boy into no end of mischief. Two stories that are upper most in my mind are the fact that I seemed not to understand the dangers I put myself in.
On one occasion, having been told not to do into the derelict saw mill as it was close to collapse I was caught sitting on the apex of the roof. I do not remember what punishment was meeted out to me but I can expect it was severe. On another occasion I decided to walk to the post at Kabrit point and to a little boy of about 6/7 years old it seemed miles across the desert but certainly a chance to get lost in the dunes.
On the west side of the airfield was a sweat water canal and we were told not to paddle in it but with the Great Bitter lake at the end of the road it was not a temptation. I learnt to swim here by the time honoured method of being thrown in at the end of the pier and under the watchful eye of my father getting to the shore by any means that a little boy could find. I obviously made it and as far as I can remember enjoyed the water much as I do to day be it sub aqua diving, sailing or just swimming. On one occasion I stepped on a shard of glass and cut my left foot which required stitches.
Another area for exploration was the junk yard behind the hangers where there were a number of crashed planes but I do not remember whose or what type they were. I have not doubt there were dangers there but it di not bother me. Also there were some derelict buildings tha thad a very memorable smell maybe DDT, who knows.
On another occasion our house boy gave us a present of a puppy but we were never allowed to keep it.
During the year of the Coronation we watched the newsreel in the open cinema and received a mug, a souvenir booklet, etc from the Station Commanders wife.
Apart from a dhow that broke away from its moorings, which my Father swam out to as we all watched from the beach. It was unmanned but it was eventually taken in tow and returned to its moorings.
E & O E - please note that this is written many years after the event.
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