Mr Ravens Farm
I am not sure what the actual route was as to when we came back from Egypt but I can remember being on the farm. I do not know the name of the farm or if we had stayed somewhere else. There were no real anecdotes of funny stories of those of childhood mischievousness but none the less this was part of my life's memories. Nor do I know how long we stayed there.
The Farm
My recollection was that it was the autumn and playing in all the leaves from the chestnut trees. I have no recollection of animals. I understand that the house was very basic and my mother tells of the lack of curtains and the poor start of the house. I do remember the trip to our next house in the back of an RAF truck and the sound of the tyres on the road surface. Even now I occasionally hear that same sound from military vehicles and Land Rovers.
E & O E - please note that this is written many years after the event.
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