In Watton there was a house that my parents had bought and we lived in and visited several times during the 50's with the last visit whilst we lived in London. After we left London we never went back so I can only assume my parents either rented it out but eventually must have sold it as I never visited it again
Ponds and Fairs
There were various visits as well as times when we stayed in the house. All the anecdotes are not time concurrent but are thoughts over the period of time.
I seem it have been very accident prone whilst living in Watton. On one occasion, during the winter, whilst going into town I seem to have been knocked down by a bus as a result of slipping on the ice on the road how I am not sure how it all tied in but it resulted in stitches in my head. On another occasion as I was in the lane to Merton Hall, where we had stayed for a while, my sister was born there, I was struck by a car. As far as I know they were the only times I was accident prone.
I also used to love going through he fields with my parents collecting mushrooms and looking in the ponds for newts and tadpoles. I remember the freedom and playing in the fields across the road and down the lanes
The most memorable event was the fair and the carousel playing " She wore Red Feathers and a Hula Hula skirt" sung by Guy Mitchell (a hit in 1953). Talking of songs I remember my Mother loved Autumn leaves I assume by Nat King Cole, "You're just in Love" - with Donald O'Connor and Ethel Merman again circa 1953. Its amazing what you find on YouTube
Where did I go to school? Who else did I know? Who were my friends - I seem to recollect a name - Barry Walters or Winters but like so much of my life and in the transient life that I was forced to lead move on and keeping in contact had not been an option.
E & O E - please note that this is written many years after the event.
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