We arrived at the End Cottage which was a thatched cottage at the end of a lane just away from the main village.

It was about this time that I actually start to clearly remember my memories as opposed to being clouded by my parents telling the anecdotes as I grew up, although am sure some are still influenced by my parents. I wish that I had kept notes when I was younger so anecdotes were more accurate.

The Village and Friends
The order of events is probably immaterial but they are there in my mind. I went to the village school by walking across a field and the cricket ground. I do not think that anything special happened except the eclipse of the sun (1954).
Whilst we were living in Chrishall I was given my first bicycle but had to pass my cycle proficiency test before being allowed to ride it. One of the places I used to ride it was to a friend who lived on Mill Causeway and remember helping to cut the overgrown grass whilst her mother used the mechanical scythe. Her parents were from Europe maybe Germany or Poland. I don't remember seeing her in school but loved going around to their house. I have often wondered what happened to her but when I returned for a visit in the 90's no one could remember them.
I cant remember the layout of the End Cottage but I know we got into a lot of trouble climbing out of a window and sliding down the thatch to the garden below. On another occasion we played in the field of wheat behind the cottage leaving trails from the damaged stems.
We also made friends with the farmers 2 daughters and I remember the eldest was called Anne. I have been back to Chrishall but the family was not there any more
At weekends Dad used to play cricket not that I remember who he played for or even watching any of the Matches. Mum and Dad, like so much of village life was centred around the village pub - The Red Bull. During the summer months I remember the square/ country dancing that my parents held in the garden at the End Cottage.
E & O E - please note that this is written many years after the event.
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