As my Parent moved around a lot they decided I needed a settled senior school life so after looking at 3 schools Shebbear was selected.
I must admit that from the outset it was not my finest hour and proceeded to go down hill until in 1960 I left.
I had made 2 good friends Edgar Ley, who rescued me allowing me to visit his fathers farm each sat afternoon and Keith Stone who took me home at half terms. It was during these excursions that my love of farming developed.
It was not long after I joined that my Father was posted to RAF Leuchars in Scotland so the journey to school was fun - 2 days with an overnight stop in London and at 12 years old this was an adventure on my own, which included finding hotels around Kings Cross for the night before crossing London to Waterloo for the school train the next day. Not something would be safe doing in this day and age.
I did manage to get into the school choir and perform Handel's Messiah and Bach's Christmas Oratorio. Not forgetting the bell ringing in the local church.
There were some good days but I was out of my social depth and it was not easy. I do not know how many times I ran the triangle for punishment and did not achieve it in the said time of 20 mins. Frequent meetings behind the gym and losing every fight. With that last comment it would be best to move on, more could be said, but those memories are not worth reliving.
E & O E - please note that this is written many years after the event.
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