Having only been at Hullavington the Air Electronics School was moved to RAF Topcliffe and time to start all over again
Girls, Squash Tennis and Youth Clubs
Unlike Hullavington the troop was less adventurous and all we ever did was camp locally and build rafts on the Ouse near Baldersby St James which was great fun. The scout master (?) had a mini and 6 of us plus weekends gear managed to get of to Summer camp about 10 miles away..
Well growing up has its problems and social skills with girls should grow as you grow up but with continual changes I did not have what it takes but despite my parents continual interference, by warning off the parents of the girls I had taken a shine to, but I did have good time. My sister also took it upon herself to keep me away from the bad girls especially one young lady that did not wear a bra - not that realised at the time - so naive. I still like to thank Anne (Bank Managers Daughter - my parents approved) Sandra (my Parents did not approve). To Baby sitting and the derelict house next to the disused railway line. To a young lady from Baldersby that visited and because I misread the bus timetable meant she was late getting home, my irate Father who had to be got out of bed to drive her home. So much could have been better with more confidence.
Walking home across the airfield especially with the young lady of my dreams and being seen so on arrival home I was in trouble again for cuddling as we walked as not appropriate behaviour
There was nothing notable except my developing sports activities - tennis. I did get my name and photo in the local papers for my athletics achievements - I never learnt that the race was won on the last lap especially after 800 yards.

Our English teacher - well what can one say about a bigot and over-use of the strap at every opportunity and for every little mistake.

Chemistry classes and electrolysis and the science club and epidiascopes

I must admit that I enjoyed the on camp facilities - the peace of the Squash halls as a way of getting away from prying eyes and parents. The Youth Club was great on a Friday night and thanks to the Girls (especially Mary) at Chippenham had a love of jiving and dancing. The crowd was very sociable (Pam, Penelope, Timber, Sandra, Mike, Christine and her Vivienne and others). The effects of Coca Cola - it was a surprising reaction to such an innocent drink.
At the first opportunity I wanted to visit friends in Chippenham so after careful consideration and planning my parents approval I was allowed to go ahead with the journey. My first night was at Loddington YHA. I arrived safely but the next morning the Manager gave me so many chores that not only was I the last person to get away (11am) but hours late in leaving as I had planned to leave by 8am. This meant that as it got dark I was some 30 miles away from Corsham on the A429 but this was not part of the plan as my Parents had only allowed me to do the trip provided it was all in Day light. Thanks to the Fosse Way Hotel for the sandwiches and water.

After spending a week with friends I had to cycle to London to meet my Parents in Selhurst and then 2 days later to cycle back to Topcliffe up the A1.

May be it was a good thing I had learnt to enjoy my own company.

E & O E - please note that this is written many years after the event.
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