Chapters in Life's Book
Valerie Candlish


In Lifes book
You are my favourite chapter.
I turned a leaf and found you there,
and the story held new appeal.
I find your name on every page
and my life at least feels real.

Mystery, Adventure, Romance,
You are all three with in this chapter.
Spine-tingling, exciting.
Driving me on with every careless rapture
to turn the page
and seek you there.

I find you again....
In lines of sadness and tears
that draw my love,
like poetry in my thoughts you are held
and your pain becomes mine
a shared anguish.

Are you written into my life
or but a chapter or two?
No Matter, I'll not read between the lines
or skip to the end of the book.
I'll read and re-read, know you by heart
and wait - and hope - to find
love in your book.

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