The Woman in my Life
Mollie Coddle

In my life you're the woman
who sparkles and shines
In your casual clothes
Or dressed up to the nines
Whether wearing your make up
Or fresh from your sleep
You look just as amazing
Your beauty runs deep
Which is my way of saying
Whatever you wear
You're a creature of beauty
And none can compare
When you're smiling or sad
When you whisper or yell
It's the very same love
And you can cast the same spell
Yes I love you whatever
The moment may be
and the reasons are
Perfectly simple to see
It's because there is no-one
Id rather be with
And there's no-one to whom
I've got so much to give
When we sleep, when we dream
When we're quiet, when we chat
I just love you the same
It's as simple as that.

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