Germany 30 years later
1997 A School Reunion
Thursday I was travelling to Germany with school friends and the first stage was to get to Ashford early enough to grab a few hours sleep before getting a very early morning ferry to Calais and then drive to Bruxelles where we had a hotel booked.
FridayThe hotel was in the centre of town and we could not have chosen a busier weekend as there were celebrations going on into the small hours of the night. Next morning we set of to the B&B in Roffhausen, not far from Wilhelmshaven, where we had booked rooms.
SaturdayHaving registered in the Pump Werks I went on a tour of exploration around both Main Site, Fleiger Deich and the old site of the Bonteheim reliving old memories and bumping into former pupils,

Whilst I was down town at the Bonteheim I tried to find the house of a young German lady I had known years before but then there was still a lot of war damage and now it was all new houses so I had no chance.

There were various activities laid on and organised by the committee.

Later I caught the Bus to Jever, had lunch in the town and walked to Upjever to see the house where I had lived. The gate guardian of the GAF base was a Starfighter F104 and my request to photograph it were denied. I walked the woods, found the Pub where Iused to go drinking and the walked the back way into Jever, even having to wait for a train to go over the Level Crossing.

As I was going to get the bus I was stopped and asked for directions, by chance a former pupil at PRS wanting to get to Upjever so Climbing into the car returned and managed to get my photo of the Gate guardian unseen.

In the evening there was a show put on that brought back even more memories and the vast consumption of Schnapps and Jever Pils.

SundayIn the morning there was a photo shoot for all the former pupils and a final walk around the Main site.

The weather was holding out and the Tent at the Pump Werks with the jazz group was a welcome relief to sight seeing. It was time just watching the world go by and talking of old times and what the future held but all to soon it was time to go back to our respective Hotels and depart the next day for Home.

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