Weekend in Icleand
1990 A Holiday
FridayHaving driven down to Heathrow, we parked the car and caught the airport bus to the Terminal, checked in and waited for our flight to be called for. On time we left for Iceland, which was an un-eventful journey until we arrived overhead at Reykjavik Airport and to this day I am convinced that the pilot was ex Air Force. The Pilot flew parallel to the main runway and completed a neat wing over turn and dropped onto the main runway. My friend was unable to clear her ears suffering earache for the next few days.

We were met at the airport and bussed to our various Hotels - Loftleidir - just off the local airport. Nowadays the airport has been extensively extended to 3 runways but when we were there it was only 1 mine runway with no noticeable noise from the aircraft. The beauty of this hotel was that it was close to town (10 mins walk) but not central.

We unpacked and went down to the Restaurant and got a surprise and the prices followed by the small portions but I did enjoy the Puffin Breasts that were on the menu.

During our stay we made use of the Sauna and swimming pool

SaturdayOnce we had got up and had breakfast we decided the walk into town photographing points of interest on the way. The day was warm, for Mar, and sunny and so caught up with the excitement I had not noticed that there was no film in my camera until later in the day. By then it was too late to retrace our steps to capture the places of interest that we had passed in the morning.
SundayWe got up, had breakfast looked at the weather outside which was totally different from the previous day. A hard blizzard was raging and the temperature had dropped dramatically. however, we were informed that the trip would take place and the weather was normal for this time of the year.

Our first stop was a cafe, at Hveragerdi, heated by geothermal steam which was as a result of the volcanic activity in Iceland. The food for the cafe was grown in the green house heated by this activity and certainly the cafe was comfortably warmed. After our rest stop we proceeded on our way to the Gulfoss falls. En route we stopped of at the Thingvellir volcanic rift where we could have one foot on the Europe Tectonic plate and the other on the North American Plate. The weather improved and one could appreciate the cleanness of the air as you could see for mile but never seem to reach the features on the horizon. Eventually we arrived at the falls which are a breathtaking two-tiered waterfall that drops 32 metres into a narrow canyon 70 metres deep and 2.5 kilometres long. As we were there in March they were frozen over which made them even more spectacular,

After a while we left for the Geyser at Strokkur followed by the Kerid volcanic crater which is approximately 55 metres deep, 170 metres wide, and 270 metres across. Followed by the visit to a small coastal town, by this time it had become bitterly windy, and then returning to Reykjavik and the warmth of out hotel.

MondayWe were collected from the hotel and bussed back to the Airport. The flight home to London and the return trip to Bristol were all uneventful.
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