The Return
Return There is something infectious and magical about the Philippines it is warm and friendly and yet distant and treacherous. I decided to return as I had wanted to settle there had things not turned a little sour previously.

As usual I stayed at the Soliman as it was cheap and clean. It still needed a lick of paint and it was central to what I wanted to do which was 2 fold one to sight see places I had missed before such as the Battle site for the Magellan / Lapu Lapu battle site from 1521 where there was a Shrine. I enjoyed walking around Mactan taking photos - here I was alone with my thoughts. On one occasion I was watching a family making wood furniture and after taking photos was offered a bite to eat. When I returned to the UK I sent them the photos and kept in touch.

I always enjoyed buying fresh fruit in the market along with lechon for lunch and finding a quiet place to watch the world goby as I ate

Secondly I wanted to try to set up a businesses to allow me to continue to travel and holiday in the Philippines

  • a. Export of rattan cane furniture. This venture started out well having been to places that would make the furniture. I had money in The Bank In Cebu but carelessly did not read the small print that stated if I did not make regular payments into the bank then they would confiscated that money. So I was stuck with making the first shipment.
  • b. Setting up dive schools in the Holiday resorts. I wrote to all the resorts with my business plans and cash flow projections but got no where and now 20+ years later they all have them.

I also looked for a place on the Island to stay at that was not tourist orientated but secure which I did ready for my next visit.

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