The divorce
Divorce As time had gone by and for various reasons Lucia had no intentions of joining me in the UK despite having obtained all the visas to be become resident and the divorce paper shad to be delivered to the Solicitors in Cebu but it was going to cost and arm and a leg so I decided to become a courier that would allow me to officially make the trip and as a couriers in those days fly very cheaply so I could kill 2 birds with one stone as they say.

As on previous occasions I took a chance and stayed at the Soliman but now renamed Esperanza. On reflection it was a stupid thing to do and as the details are persona and not for this page but those close to me will remember what happened so it was a quick pack and leave for the Hadsan until it was time to leave.

Typhoon I had arrived just after a typhoon so there was no power so once the sun set candles where the order of the day. Also there was no drinking water so I had to resort to brush my teeth in coke. To make matters worse a ship (Sanko Elegance) had broken loose from her moorings and hit the Manduae Bridge so irt was closed to traffic.
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