The End
A Holiday Back again but this time there were differences - time seems to do that and the changes never seem to be for the better. The Hadsan was there but there was no security any more and the beach was filthy so it was time to look for another place, luckily there was time before it got dark. Just up the road was the CMMC (Cebu and Mactan Members Club) - thank goodness not the usual tourist hotel and slightly out of my price range but so what.

The CMMC was Japanese owned, so all the films were in Japanese and the food was a mixture on Filipino and Japanese. There were chalets all the way down to the beach and on the right hand side was a pier out into the bay. The beach was the usual white coral sand.

I was in the Philippines for 3 weeks which gave me ample opportunity to sight see, as well as see friends. It seemed that one of the tricycle drivers on the Island had adopted me and whenever he saw me he insisted on taking me every where I needed to go.

I had also seen the ponds where the seaweed was grown for export to the Japanese, re- visited the family (en route to Tambuli) that had befriended me years before that made Furniture. It was also good to seen how the children of my friends were growing up.

On one occasion I was walking along the main road when in the opposite direction came a groups of school girls and for some reason I became the reason for giggles and whispers, but they were friendly enough.

In the evenings time seemed to hang but I took to sitting at the end of the pier watching the sunset and watching the local people net fishing and some of the people would walk along the shore selling their trinkets to the tourists. It became such a regular thing that I would talk to one young lady for hours about her life, family and aspirations until it was dark then she would leave to go home, never knowing her name.

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