Travels in South Africa
2006 A long weekend
BackgroundThis was a flying visit for just a long weekend whilst Amelia was in Peru also it was a Bank Holiday weekend. As was becoming customary I stayed with my brother Dave at his studio cottage.
Arrival On the day after my arrival we planned to go to Krugersdorp with Dad, who had prepared a packed lunch for the 3 of us but the weather was very changeable from being sunny and warm to long heavy showers.
Images I had a free flight from KLM and was supposed to submit the images of the animals from the game park to KLM in return but it was so bad and the shutter speeds so low that the rain looked like parallel scratches over the images. The images were basically useless apart from the memory
Flight Home Sunday night arrived all to quickly and an overnight flight back to Manchester would get me back to go to work on the Tuesday.
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