Wilderness Survival run by Bob Bull
At Wilderness Survival we aim to help you understand the art of survival but without the inherant dangers and to try an make a very serious subject fun so that it aids you in learning, gaining ability and letting you find your own confidence.
One can never expect an emergency but you can always practise the skills needed and the preparation in case the unexpected comes. A survival plan is the key to success so why not learn and practise with Wilderness Survival.
Taking you on a 20 mile walk will not teach you anything apart from enjoying the scenery - what is important is short walks to demonstrate all the features that you might face and to get you to practise what has been demonstrated. The course will cover navigation, trapping, shelter building, wilderness foods depending on the season. Other topics covered will be such valuable lessons in water purification, clothing and first aid as well as the importance of helping you to understand the problems of mental tiredness and personal cleanliness. At the end of a day it is always hard to complete that last task or when you are wet to ensure you can get dry and warm.
We have several locations depending on the experience of the students. Most of the demonstrations and teaching is done outside. Food is provided but you need to do your own cooking and build your own shelter, after the demonstrations. The groups are kept to a maximum of about 12 so that you can be split up into smaller teams as well as having enought supervision for your safety.
Surviving in the Wilderness or an emergency is success in using different skills and activities which are only second nature if you have learnt and practised them. Many are not second nature and Mother Nature can be very unforgiving to the casual survivor.
Our approach is simple but effective as has been witnessed by many people over the last few years. You can read their comments on the next page. The key to your success is our profession approach, experience and planning.
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