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Dependent Child of a Serviceman at school in Germany??

Were you at Prince Rupert School, Wilhelmshaven BFPO25??

The TWA are trying to contact approx. 8000 students who attended the school during the 25 years that it was open, this being from 1946 to 1972 when it move from Wilhelmshaven to Rinteln.

So far due to the efforts of Liz she has managed to find about 2000. However, there has been a change in our structure. As of 1999 the Association is run by a committee.

We must never forget the happiness and enjoyment that we would not have had if it were not for the seed that Liz sowed in trying to find us and past students.

The current committee are ensuring that the work goes on to find ex Staff and pupils and for those that want to meet again there are regular local reunions and a Bi-annual school reunion.

If you want to know more then join TWA for all the latest information.