Summary of My Life.
  • Stockport, Manchester, United Kingdom.
  • Born in May 1946 in Bath Somerset, United Kingdom
  • My mother had just arrived in the UK from South Africa during the preceeding months to be faced with me and the coldest winter on record!!!!
  • It was not long before my Fathers work caused us to move around the UK. This would be the story of my life for the next 18 years. This was thanks to the Royal Air Force.
  • All this moving around taught me the ability to adapt and be prepared to change.
  • The only draw back was an unsettled schooling but the advantage was the travelling.
  • After leaving school I decided I wanted to go farming. Which I did for a short while.
  • Like everyone else I got married and my wife presented me with 2 sons. Like everyone else we were divorced - 12 years later.
  • Later I remarried.
  • Changed jobs so that I was always doing something I enjoyed.
  • Both my parents are dead but I have a brother living in South Africa another in Botswana and a sister in the UK.
Academic Achievements.
Work Experience.
Anecdotes of my Life
I hope that you find reading these pages more interesting than before as I have added more detail. I have also had a very successful and varied life.
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